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Great quality with a fast turnover and very competitive prices!

About the company

The foreign private enterprise "Tehnoroll PRO" is a very modern manufacturer, producing cardboard cores (spool, bushing, cartridges) using a method of spiral continuous winding. Cardboard cores are traditionally used for winding various roll materials and also as cylindrical containers for packing food and non-food products.

The manufacture of cardboard core (sleeve, bushing, cartridge) and l-section is carried out with the most up-to-date equipment from the world's leading producers, using various makes of cardboard, paper and adhesive, according to the client's technical requirements. Our technology, which has developed over many years, enables us to significantly decrease the time needed for production without any loss of quality.

The lower or upper layer of a core (sleeve, bushing, cartridge) and an l-section can be made from colored paper according to the client's requirements. The company also has its own in-house printing and its own designers, which enables us to place logos or any other information (maximum of 8 colors) on a bushing or an l-section.

The company's laboratory, equipped with a modern testing facility, enables us to monitor the quality of production at every stage of manufacture.

Our advantages:

  • Sensible price
  • Modern equipment
  • Manufacturing a product based on an individual order
  • Constant quality monitoring
  • All obligations are guaranteed to be fulfilled


Cardboard core
Cardboard l-section

Cardboard l-section

Cardboard l-sections are used in addition to or instead of existing types of packing (stretch film, strapping tape, cartons, pallets, trays). Cardboard l-sections are used in different areas of manufacturing, but mostly are they used in packing products on pallets.



  • Shelf width (d): 30 - 100 mm
  • Shelf thikness (s): 3 - 10 mm
  • Length (l): 500 - 6000 mm
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Areas of use :
Edge protection of roll and sheet materials

While grouping roll or sheet materials cardboard l-section enable the user to reliably protect front edges of rolls from crumpling, as well as edges of sheet materials from crumpling and chipping.

Strengthening of packing construction with l-sections

A strong carcas from cardboard l-sections creates a structural frame of a construction, gives it additional strength and protects l-sections (when storing pallets with products in several rows, using cartons).

Protecting pallets from falling apart

Cardboard l-sections give a construction additional strength, and therefore eliminate the possibility of a pallet falling apart while being transported.

Using cardboard l-sections with adhesive layers

Using cardboard l-sections with adhesive layers makes the packaging process more convenient for all. Usually, our adhesive layers take the form of tape and can be placed on either the inner or outer side of an l-section.

Cardboard core

Cardboard cores are traditionally used for winding various roll materials and also as cylindrical containers for packing food and non-food products.

Different types of cardboard and paper are used in the production process. Spiral winding technology and the use of special composite glues and adhesives to give special strength to the production despite relatively small wall thickness.


  • Inner diameter (d): 20 - 300 mm
  • Wall thickness (s): 1 - 15 mm
  • Length (l): 8 - 6000 mm
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Areas of use :
Winding of polymeric and textile roll materials

All sorts of single and multi-layer films, fabrics and non woven materials, threads, fibres, yarns etc.

Rolling of packing and building materials

Packing adhesive tape, twine, stretch film, foil, vapour barrier film, ruberiod, construction mesh, sandpaper etc.

Rolling of pulp and paper roll materials

Offset paper, cardboard rolls, parchment, toilet paper, paper for fax machines and printer, self-adhesive labels etc.

Cylindrical containers

Salt, spices, chips, liquors, chemical mixtures, washing and cleaning powders, cases for printing production etc.

Special services:

  • Coloured and black and white printing on inner and outer surface of products
  • Placing a logotype (coloured and black and white printing)
  • Adding technological slots and grooves

"Tehnoroll PRO" company will consider all your requirements. We always want to hear your feedback.

Foreign private enterprise "Tehnoroll PRO"

Our adress:

Fominyh str. 9, Dzerzhinsk, Minsk region, Belarus, Post code 222720

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